Comp 110 Intro to Programming


Worksheet 5 Key

Since we have not yet finished grading Worksheet 5, you can use the key below to study for the quiz tomorrow (Thursday 11/15).

Ws5 Key

Review Material

Hey there 110ers, this is Mary one of the many awesome TAs who are rooting for you this semester! Me and some of the other TA's have been working on a series of videos for you to use to review for quizzes and brush up on concepts. I've put the playlist here below and I hope you guys find them helpful!

Quiz 5 moved to Thursday 11/15

Due to the OWASA closure and the importance of the topics in this unit the COMP110 team and I do not believe it is fair to hold Quiz 5 after only two lectures on the subjects of higher-order functions (like filter/map/reduce) and anonymous function literals. As such, we will hold the quiz on Thursday, November 15th.

Panel on Diversity in Computer Science - TONIGHT at 6pm IN SN014

Reminder! Tonight at 6pm in Sitterson 014 the COMP110 team and I are hosting a panel on Diversity in Computer Science. If you are considering minoring or majoring or just interested in the topic I would highly encourage you to come. We will have pizza and drinks that are safe without needing to boil them!

Your panelists include:

Twanda Baker - Systems Engineer at SAS. UNC '96 BA in Psychology. '13 Advanced Analytics at NC State.

Meggie Cruser - Technology Consulting Analyst at Accenture. '17 UNC Computer Science.

Hank Hester - Will begin full-time at Microsoft after graduating this May '19 from UNC Computer Science. 

Armando Jimenez - Current undergraduate computer science student '20.

Diane Pozefsky - Director of Undergraduate Studies for Computer Science at UNC. PhD from UNC in '79.

Dorian Brandon - Amazon Software Development Engineer. '17 UNC Computer Science.

Worksheet 4 Key

Since we have not yet finished grading Worksheet 4, you can use the key below to study for the quiz tomorrow (Tuesday 10/30).

WS4 Key

PS4 - List Utils Posted

The next problem set is now posted. It involves implementing 10 functions that process linked lists recursively. This is the most challenging problem set of the semester. Starting this weekend is strongly encouraged.

Environment Diagram Key

Find the key for the environment diagrams worksheet below!

WS - Environments - Key Corrected

Environment Diagram Worksheet and Problem Set 3 Released - Review Session Tonight

The second worksheet for this unit is on Environment Diagrams. It is due Sunday, October 14th at 11:59pm. We will complete problem #2 together in lecture tomorrow, so please print out the worksheet and bring to class! An answer key will be released on Monday, October 15th for quiz studying purposes. The next quiz will have two pages of environment diagram questions and this worksheet is great practice for it!

The next problem set is "Who Stole the Paper?" A data-driven mystery problem set that involves you writing various functions to analyze some data on behalf of Compder Scifflin. It is due Wednesday, October 17th, at 11:59pm. That's the day Fall Break begins, so you should aim to hand-in early for extra credit. 

Finally, as usual, there is a review session TONIGHT at 5pm in FB009! It will cover classes, objects, and environment diagrams. 

Videos for Tuesday 10/2

Please watch and take a page of notes on the following two videos in preparation for Tuesday's lecture posted to the calendar page:

  • V15 - Classes and Objects: Conceptual Introduction (4m)
  • V16 - Classes and Objects: Syntax and Basic Usage (8m)

CS Summer Opportunities Info Session - Monday 10/1 at 5pm in FB009

Interested in hearing more about ideas to make progress in your computer science career during summers? Our UTAs have prepared a tech talk to describe some of their experiences and other opportunities for staying active and building a portfolio of project experience.

Quiz Review Session Tonight and Worksheet 1 Update

Quiz Review Session

This week's quiz is Thursday due to the hurricane. Its primary focus is on arrays and array algorithms, with a secondary emphasis on functions and testing. We are holding another review session in a bigger room(!) tonight at 5pm in Sitterson 014.

Worksheet 1 Update

Question 4 of Worksheet 1 has been updated with a hint regarding how to access the length and individual characters of a string. The question itself is unchanged, so if you have already started the worksheet, you don't need to print out the new version; you can simply refer to the hint on the updated pdf.

PS2 Posted

PS2 - Array Utility Functions is now posted! You will come up with test cases and implementations for 9 functions that involve arrays. Each of these functions will take time and effort to identify a solution for and is good preparation and practice for this week's quiz. As always, you are advised to start early!

Videos for Tuesday 9/18

Please watch and take notes on the following three videos in advance of Tuesday's lecture:

  • V12 - for Loops (8 min)
  • V13 - Arrays: Overview (6 min)
  • V14 - Arrays: Iteration (8 min)

Links to the YouTube videos, as well as copies of slides, can be found on the Calendar page.

Quiz 1 Review Session and PS1 Tip

Tonight from 5 to 6pm in Fred Brooks 009 there will be a review session for Quiz 1.

Tip for PS1: The grader performs exact string comparisons when checking your output matches our expectations. If you are missing points and aren't sure why, the best way to test is to do a side-by-side comparison of your app and our reference app: - no matter what inputs you provide each the outputs should match up exactly.

WS0 Key: Since we haven't finished grading WS0, you can find the key attached below. Making sure you understand all the answers is a great way to study for the upcoming quiz. 

Ws0 Key


The first worksheet and and next problem set are posted to the Calendar page and due Saturday and Monday, respectively.

The videos to prepare for Thursday's lecture and graded warm-up questions, which will also help you with the worksheet, are:

  • V08 - while Loop (8m)
  • V09 - Functions: Overview (10m)
  • V10 - Functions: Parameters and Arguments (3m)
  • V11 - Functions: The return Statement (5m)

As always, you can find links to the videos and the slides on the Calendar page.

Today, September 5th, at 5pm in Fred Brooks 009 the UTAs are hosing a panel on "Things I wish I knew when I took COMP110" - we'd love to see you there!

Also, COMP110 tutoring begins tonight at 6pm in Sitterson 115. Tutoring is for conceptual help, questions, and is a great opportunity to review prior quizzes or review for upcoming quizzes.

Videos to watch before Lecture on Thursday 8/30

Please actively watch, follow along with, and take notes on the following videos by Thursday's lecture. We will again have a set of warm-up questions and you are allowed to use one page of hand-written notes.

The videos are 30 minutes long in total, but budget at least one hour to ensure you have time to follow the exercises and take notes:

04 - Visual Studio Code Walkthrough (7 min)

05 - The main Function, introcs Library, and Prompting (7 min)

06 - Boolean Expressions - Relational, Equality, and Logical Operators (6 min)

07 - if-then-else Conditional Control Statements (8 min)

Refer to the calendar page for links to each video and its respective slides.

Getting Started Open House, Quiz 0, and Problem Set 0

Need help getting your computer setup? Come by Sitterson 008 on Friday, 8/24 between 12pm and 6pm and meet undergraduate teaching assistants who can help you get setup for success!

Quiz 0 will be held Tuesday, 8/28 in class. It will cover:

  1. Important Course Policies to Know (true/false questions)
  2. Primitive Data Types (Video 2)
  3. Variables (Video 3)
  4. Comments (Lecture 1)

Problem Set 0 is posted. It is due Thursday, 8/30 at 11:59pm. To complete this problem set you must get the software installed correctly on your machine. Come to the open house (above) for help!

Welcome to COMP110

Welcome back to Carolina! This Spring we'll go from zero-to-programmers with no prior programming experience expected. Comp 110 is open to and taken by all majors, not just those thinking about concentrating in Computer Science. Learning computer programming is a rewarding, challenging, and increasingly valuable skill. If you are a curious soul who enjoys creative problem solving: you're in the right place.

If you have significant prior programming experience, be it teaching yourself, taking AP Computer Science, or some equivalent, you may want to skip to COMP401.

If you are not currently enrolled in the course and are hoping to get in you must show up to class on the first lecture and fill out a form announced in class. We are not able to accept late adds to the course this semester.