Comp 110 Intro to Programming

PS3 Part 2 Posted and OOP Review Video

PS3 Part 2 is available on the calendar page. This is a continuation of Part 1. You should continue working in the same SillyString class as you did for Part 1. You can create a new tester class if you'd like, though, to keep your tests separate!

The UTA videos team has put together a FANTASTIC video for more coverage on fundamentals of classes, methods, fields, and constructors. Check it out here.

Week Updates

Lecture 10 Video - Please be sure you've watched the lecture 10 video before class tomorrow. We will begin with some PollEverywhere questions around arguments vs. parameters, parameter passing, and the return statement.

Problem Set 3 - Part I - Due date extended to Tuesday 2/21 at 11:59pm

Worksheet 3 - Classes and Objects - Due Saturday 2/25 at 11:59pm

Parameters vs. Arguments & The return Statement

Lecture 10 slide narration is below. Annotated bookmarks coming soon!

Parameters vs. Arguments & The return Statement

Eclipse Tips Video

The UTA video team put together a great video on some really handy Eclipse tips. Check it out below!

Eclipse Tips