Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Review Session on Arrays and Loops

Today, October 26th, at 6pm in Sitterson 014 we'll hold a review session on Arrays and Loops.

Slides from the last review sessions can be found here:

Comp 110 Ws2 Review Session Comp 110 Review Session 4

Retry Review Slides

Attached below are the slides from tonight's review session on free response questions.

Comp 110 Points Back Review Session

Free Response Practice Problems

Your wonderful UTAs have put together some additional practice problems for you all to try. These are intended to be challenging and good practice!

Using a Class Using a Class (Answer Key) Working with Conditionals and Methods Tracing Code Execution

Register for Retry on Free Response

Please register on the following form if you intend to take the retry of free response questions on Tuesday, October 11th:

Midterm Solution Videos

Your tests were returned using Gradescope (instructions in an e-mail from me) and multiple choice responses released on the ONYEN site.

Below are review videos walking through the each section of questions.

Questions 1-10

Questions 11-16

Questions 17-22

Questions 23-30

Questions 31-35

Free Response 1 - Slippery Slope

Free Response 2 - Comparator

Free Response 3 - CoupleOfBits

Midterm Review Videos

Your wonderful ULAs Kate and Hank have put together a pair of videos to talk through each of the topics of the first midterm for you. These have some hands on practice involved, as well. Enjoy!

Anatomy of a Class - Part I

Conditionals and More - Part II

Midterm Review Session Slides

For those of you who were interested in the midterm review slides -- they are attached below!

Comp 110 Midterm 0 Review Session

Study Guide (with Solutions) and Special Case Forms

The official Study Guide for Midterm 0 can be found in the link below. This study guide, paired with Worksheet 1, are great resources for preparing for this first midterm of the semester. The solutions to the study guide are now posted below, as well.

The UTAs have put together a conceptual guide to some of the big picture ideas. You can find it in the "Walkthrough of Big Ideas" link below.

Finally, review session slides are also included. 

Feel free to bring your conceptual questions to office hours as we're always excited to talk through ideas! 

For those of you with special cases on the exam, whether you're taking it with ARS or if you have a university excused absence (band, illness with dean of students note, etc), please fill out the following forms:

 - I am taking this exam with ARS

 - I am unable to take the exam due to an excused absence

Comp110 Study Guide - Midterm 0 Comp110 Study Guide 0 - Midterm 0 - Solutions Midterm 1 Study Guide Comp 110 Review Session 2 Review Session 1 Review Session 0