Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Welcome to COMP110

Welcome back to Carolina! This Spring we'll go from zero-to-programmers with no prior programming experience expected. Comp 110 is open to and taken by all majors, not just those thinking about concentrating in Computer Science. Learning computer programming is a rewarding, challenging and increasingly valuable skill. If you are a curious soul who enjoys creative problem solving: you're in the right place.

Mathematical fluency with algebraic expressions is assumed. While this course does not currently have a Math prerequisite, we have found students who have not taken Calculus tend to find this course significantly more challenging than those who have. The safest way to approach this course is to assume it is equivalent in difficulty to MATH231 - Calculus I. If you do not already have credit for MATH231 and the thought of taking it makes you very uncomfortable, consider starting your programming career with COMP101 instead (currently full this semester, but growing substantially in total seat capacity in the Fall of 2017). COMP101 also satisfies the QR credit and fulfills most requirements just the same as COMP110 (i.e. for the Psychology B.A.).

If you have prior experience programming, be it teaching yourself, taking AP Computer Science, or some equivalent, you may want to skip to Comp 401. Read more on that decision process.