Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Study Guide

Here are some excellent additional problems to study and practice with when preparing for the final exam.

Final Study Guide Final Study Guide Key


We are excited to have many of you out for the workshops and hackathon tonight!

We will kick-off around 7pm in Fred Brooks 009 and go into full workshop mode at 7:30pm in Sitterson 014.

We will discuss final projects more at kick-off, but the write-up is now posted here:

Remember! After the workshops end tonight the team's focus is only helping with custom projects. These projects will likely be more work, more challenging, and more stressful than PS6 Compstagram. We will not have team office hours support for PS6 Compstagram tonight. If you are feeling uncomfortable with code I encourage you to do Compstagram so that you can make use of the full, usual office hours support schedule Sunday and next week.

Apply to be a COMP110 UTA

Become a COMP110 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant and introduce programming to Carolina.

The application form for joining the UTA team is now open and linked to below.

Click here more information on the job and details on the application process.

Applications are due by Sunday, April 30th at 11:59pm. Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

Midterm 2 Study Guide & Excused Absence Form

The study guide and answer key are posted below. Additionally, because grading of the last worksheet may not complete until Wednesday evening, we are posting the answer key for WS6 - Interfaces below.

If you have an excused absence, please fill out the following form.

MT2 - Study Guide MT2 - Study Guide - Key WS6 - Interfaces - Key 23 Review Answers

PS5 Part 2 - Chat Client - Released

Part 2 of Chat110 is now posted! In this part you will make a Friends List Window and Chat Window so that you can message your COMP110 friends just like it's 1996.

Much like the first part of this problem set, it is largely tutorial based to give you a sense of what it feels like to piece together a larger app. It is due Tuesday, 4/11 at 11:59pm.

PS5 - Chat110 - Part 1 Released

The next problem set will be broken into multiple pieces as we build our way toward a full fledged chat client.

The first part is building a simple tool to help you get acquainted with how the communications between your program and the chat server will work. You will also get more experience setting up graphical based applications using JavaFX.

The first part of this assignment is very step-by-step tutorial driven and should take less time to complete than your typical problem set as such.

Tutorial on Drawing Shapes

Need additional guidance on how to work with Shapes in the Emoji project? Check out this video on creating recursive drawings with Shapes in JavaFX. Even though you *do not* need to use recursion in Emoji, the overview of working with the Circle class and understanding documentation in this video will be very helpful.

Drawings in JavaFX

Announcements coming out of Spring Break

1) Be sure you have SceneBuilder installed. We had everyone install this at the beginning of the semester and we will begin using it tomorrow. If you do not, no worries, the instructions are here for Windows and here for Mac.

2) Midterm grades are posted to My110 and released on Gradescope. Please review your midterm and if you believe we graded something incorrectly, please submit regrade requests before the deadline on Wednesday 3/22 at noon.

3) The grader for Emoji is posted and the deadline for full credit is Friday at 11:59pm. For full extra credit the deadline is Wednesday at 11:59pm.

PS4, MT1 Study Guide, MT1 Makeup Form

PS4 Emoji has been posted to the calendar page. While it is not due until after Spring Break our recommendation is to get a jump start on it and get additional practice with declaring classes.

A study guide put together by our talented group of UTAs is available below!

Midterm 1 Study Guide Mt1 Study Guide Answer Keys

University Excused Absence Makeup Exam Form

If you have a university excused absence please fill out this form to sign-up for the makeup

Midterm 0 Practice Problems

Your wonderful UTA staff has put together some great additional practice problems for this week's midterm. Check them out below!

In addition, your worksheets and problem set code are good sources of study material.

Comp110 Midterm 0 Practice Problems Answer Key Comp110 Midterm 0