Comp 110 Algo Rhythms

This problem set is different than previous problem sets to give you additional practice thinking through an algorithm with pen and paper at a conceptual level before translating the idea into code.

This problem set has two parts:

Part 1 Written - Due Thursday 4/5 at 11:59pm: Print off and work through pages 1 through 3 of the problem set write-up. You will turn-in ONLY pages 2 and 3 (not page 1 or 4) via Gradescope.

Part 2 Program - Due Sunday 4/8 at 11:59pm: Complete page 4 in VSCode. To receive help on Part 2 in office hours, you must bring your completed work for part 1 with you and be able to talk through it.

Ps5 Algo Rhythms