Comp 110 Ahmad Atieh

Ahmad Atieh

Why Computer Science?

As a programmer, there is something beautiful about being able to write code that serves a purpose. In computer science, I learned that I had the ability to make something at the convenience of my fingertips. When I was younger, I always used to tinker with legos and even joined the robotics team in middle school. I genuinely enjoyed building things with my hands. However, after taking 110 and other programming classes, I learned that computer science allows you to do the exact same thing, but with code. There are endless possibilities to the projects that can be completed with lines of code. That is why I was so drawn to CS; I learned that I truly had the ability to make something. 


Programming for sure, I'm a pretty big fan of Soccer (Man City fan), I help coach wrestling at a high school, Also really into the whole surviving in the outdoors kind of thing

UNC Status

2019, Computer Science Major, Business Minor, Spanish in the Professions Minor