Comp 110 Hayden Lawler

Hayden Lawler

Why Computer Science?

I really like the problem solving aspect of Computer Science. While I haven't found my exact niche in programming, I really love that I can work in many, many different fields and use computers to solve different problems and make people's lives better and easier. I wanted to be an LA for comp 110 because I really loved my class experience last year and wanted to continue to help students through some of the initial struggles and help people realize that programming is a very powerful tool that you can do well with given the right opportunity and push. 


Football, Hockey, Basketball, Coffee, Dogs, Programming, Java, Kris' Hat,  Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Parks and Rec, Sitterson Hall, Surfing, Chapel Hill, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Cats, J Cole, Risk,

UNC Status

2018 BS Computer Science and Mathematics