Comp 110 Idrees Hassan

Idrees Hassan

Why Computer Science?

The thing I love most about computer science is that it gives you the tools to make absolutely amazing creations. I have always loved to make stuff. Whether it was arts and crafts or stupid little machines, I never got tired of throwing stuff together to make all new stuff. As a kid, computer science drew me in because it gave me a whole new way to make stuff, but now I was able to make all that stuff for free! No longer did I have to continually bug my parents to buy wire and glue and things, now I could make entire projects in just a few hours with only my fingers and my computer (or calculator, if it came to it). That's why I want to be a UTA, to help others discover how much freedom programming can give them when it comes to making stuff, no matter how weird, funny, or useless that stuff may be!


Tea, plants, space, meteorology, alternative music, making stuff, intensely horrible sarcasm

UNC Status

2020, Computer Science


Cary, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

super, Java, and because it sounds like you are doing something much cooler than you really are