Comp 110 Idrees Hassan

Idrees Hassan

Why Computer Science?

I first started programming when I wanted to make a game back in 9th grade. I drew up plans, made dozens of diagrams, and eventually got started on the project I would work on every day for the next three years. Through trial and error (lots of errors [seriously, so much error]), I learned how to code bit by bit until I was throwing down semicolons and curly braces like nobody's business. Eventually I discovered the idea that would change my life forever: I suck at game design.

However I realized that I wasn't all that bad at this programming thing, and decided to stick with it. The creative freedom that coding gives you is amazing. Entire worlds can be brought to life with just your hands and a keyboard, which is pretty cool (at least to this nerd)! I am a UTA because I want to help others discover just much they can create when they are given the tools needed to let their creativity run wild. 


Tea, plants, space, butterflies, meteorology, alternative music, making stuff, intensely horrible sarcasm

UNC Status

2020, Computer Science


Cary, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

super (from Java), because it sounds like you are doing something much cooler than you really are