Comp 110 Mark Petersen

Mark Petersen

Why Computer Science?

The freedom and creativity that computer science grants everybody is extremely appealing to me. I tend to think about things in ways that most people may not, but computer science allows for so many different possible answers to be correct in their own right, so it does not matter if my way is not the "traditional" way to solve a problem if it still yields the desired result. If something isn't working, I like to think of ways around this issue and how I can overcome any roadblocks along the journey. Ultimately, the ability to critically think about challenging problems in different ways is one of the main reasons that I love computer science. Also, Sitterson has some really nice bathrooms, which is a perk to being a CS major.


My chihuahuas, tennis, ping pong, League, RAing, dank memes, wholesome memes, memes in general, strawberries

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Albany, GA

Favorite Programming Keyword

My favorite keyword is "try" (and "catch") because if you literally just put all of your code within a "try" block, then you'll never get any Runtime errors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯