Comp 110 Mason Mathew

Mason Mathew

Why Computer Science?

That one Fred Brooks quote on the nature of programming encapsulates exactly why I love it. Computer programmers create something from seemingly nothing; speaking life into a machine and building art with it's capabilities. 110 gave me a small taste of what it is like to create programs that work for you, and it showed me just how creative of an activity coding is. 


Keith Haring, books, books on Keith Haring, my dogs, good coffee, existentialism (in a sappy, useless way), lo-fi hip hop beat tapes

UNC Status

2020. Computer Science, Studio Art


Wilmington, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

"float", like when you're typing decimal numbers and want to be extra specific. It's in Java, I've never used it (but have always wanted to because it sounds magical).