Comp 110 Mayura Patwardhan

Mayura Patwardhan

Why Computer Science?

One of my favorite things about CS is the creativity that is involved in solving a problem. There are multiple ways to go about making something happen, and CS forces you to think more broadly to resolve an issue in the most logical/efficient way possible. 

I also love the people! I have met the most helpful/kind/amazing people going to CS related programs and it really helps to be surrounded by positive people who really want to help you learn!

I figured out my love for teaching when I became a chemistry TA for the Chancellors Science Scholars. Explaining a difficult concept in a simple way is, in my opinion, the best way to solidify an understanding of the material and I hope to learn more about computer science by experience as a UTA! In addition I am looking forward to the rewarding experience of showing a new student how amazing and fun computer science can be, and hopefully ignite a passion in some people to pursue it further! 


rainy days, beaches, dogs, Amine's new album, Thai food,  Mexican food, (food in general really), UNC basketball, boxing, and programming!!

UNC Status

2019, Computer Science BS, Chemistry Minor, Biology Minor


Charlotte, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

float (in java) since it reminds me of ice cream