Comp 110 Victoria Miller

Victoria Miller

Why Computer Science?

I love Computer Science because it's challenging and creative and is very similar to Math in my perspective.  Computer Science is also one of those subjects in which people can solve problems in a multitude of ways. I wish I could go more in depth but love is what it is.  

I specifically wanted to be a TA because Computer Science is something I truly have a great passion for.  I definitely struggled at some times, but once I overcame those struggles, it was worth it to see what I could create.  Because of this, I really look forward to sharing this with other students because it is a great feeling.

If you want to learn more about me or stuff I have done, here is a link to my website: https://victoriamiller.web.unc...


Food, Math, Programming, Hearthstone, Pokemon Go, My Family, My Friends, Sleeping, and Helping CompSci Students of Course!

UNC Status

Sophomore, Mathematical Decision Sciences & Computer Science