Comp 110 Final Project Guidelines

Final Project Guidelines


Welcome to HACK110! This will be a fun event to hang out with classmates and the COMP110 team for an all-night hacking session on open-ended final projects.

There are two options for a final project in COMP110:

  • The default option is to complete Problem Set 6 - TBA.
  • The HACK110 Option requires attending the Hackathon and choosing your own final project to create. To choose this option you must attend the Hackathon and get your project opt-in code before 11:59pm (instructions following). Taking on a custom project is far more challenging than the default problem set will be!
  • HACK110 projects are *not* due until LDOC. The purpose of HACK110 is to make significant progress and get a running head start on your final project.

Want to do both? That's encouraged, too! To keep things fair for all students, there's no extra credit involved for completing both. Only extra street cred.


Steps for the Hackathon Final Project

After initial breakout workshops complete, we will disperse into the lobby to begin hacking on hackathon final projects.

1. Come up with an idea! Don't know what to make? Try pairing up with a peer or chatting with a classmate and brainstorming! Need some ideas? Check the Hackathon Project Ideas page for some suggestions!

2. Before 11:59pm -- Once you have an idea of what you would like to try hacking on as your final project, submit a conceptual help ticket in the office hours app and come tell us a bit about it! After doing so, you will be given an "opt-in code" and should complete the opt-in form found here: both team members, if working as a team, should complete this form using the same opt-in code.

3. Hack! Try to complete or make a substantial dent in your project at the hackathon! You don't HAVE to finish, but hopefully you'll knock out a huge portion of it! Google and StackOverflow are your friends for solving problems you've never tried to solve before. Staff will be circulating around to try and help push past road blocks or brainstorm workarounds.

4. Project Requirements

  • Your project must be an HTML/CSS/TypeScript project built that gets published to
  • Setup a folder in your "src/" directory called "hack110" and setup your HTML/TypeScript and CSS (if any) here.
  • In your project, there must be a file named "project-spec.html" which has the following contents:
    • Title
    • Description of Project
    • Team Member (If pairing up)
    • 110 Programming Concepts Used (what, how, and why?)
    • Challenges Overcome / New Concepts Learned
    • A link to the "Starting Page" of your app
    • If Groupwork: Individual Contributions to the Project
    • Goals Achieved
    • Goals Outstanding / Future Work

5. We will e-mail a link to everyone who opted-in for a final project submission. It will be a form for letting us know the URL of your project's page. Only one submission (and one Spec Page page) on this form will be required per team, but each of you is encouraged to work through your code and publish to your own account.

Not meeting your complete vision for the original project is completely acceptable, but you should have code that runs and represents a body of work that demonstrates 12+ hours of effort.