Become a UTA and Introduce CS to UNC

Hi! This is our big, happy family. Love CS and teaching? You'll fit right in...

The COMP110 team introduces computer science to the Carolina community. We are a team of passionate, brilliant, and caring Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) who support, manage, and design every facet of the course.

In the past three years, the 110 UTA team has driven COMP110's growth to being the 3rd most popular course at UNC. This Fall we've introduced programming to over 1,000 fellow undergrads how to code!

"We really love what we do and it's a great community of people." -Izzi Hinks '20

Who can apply?

Everyone who has taken COMP110 or above is eligible to apply, however, we are especially looking for first year students who have just completed COMP110.

What do we hope to find in a new members?

  • Passionate about helping others learn
  • Skilled communicators with empathy
  • Dependable team players
  • Intelligent, driven, creative peers
  • Optimists who enjoy having fun

Sound like you? Continue on...

Did you accidentally fall in love with programming in COMP110? Do well in the course? Help teach your friends? We especially want you to apply!

Many members of the team found programming in COMP110, too. Becoming a junior UTA while you're simultaneously in COMP401 is an amazing catalyst for strengthening your skills and knowledge.

Take Helen over there to the right, for example. Her first programming experience was in COMP110, too! Three semesters of being a UTA later and she'll interned at Google last summer.

"As a UTA you'll understand more about computer science, make a lot of awesome friends, and help the best students!" ~Helen '19 - 110 UTA & Intern at Google

What is the UTA job like?

Jeffrey Young '17 leading a review session in Genome Sciences GSB100

A common question we're asked is "what do you do?"
The better question is what don't we do ?

Primarily, we hold office hours and teach programming one-on-one. Each of us also has a team of students we are responsible for through the semester. Beyond that, team members take initiative and ownership of many facets of the course:

  • Help students during lecture
  • Hold small and large group review sessions
  • Design practice problems
  • Produce review videos
  • Organize hackathons
  • Generate ideas for lecture
  • Develop software for the team
  • Manage and hire the UTA team itself

COMP110 UTAs have an outsized impact on the education and experiences of fellow Carolina students learning how to program.

How much time is required?

COMP110 UTAs are hired at two levels of weekly commitment. Typically, new team members are hired for 5 hours per week. Some on the team opt for 10 hours per week when funding is available. Additionally, Sundays are our team meetings where we regroup and prep for the week ahead.

Why become a COMP110 UTA?

Dr. Fred Brooks and the 110 team having a grand ol' time after Fred's lecture on teaching.

Personal Growth and Career Benefits

We're a big, crazy, caring family of passionate students who have fun both on the job and away from it. Joining the team provides a number of valuable growth opportunities:

  • Strengthen your programming fundamentals through teaching others
  • Practice valuable whiteboarding skills as needed during technical interviews
  • Befriend & connect with awesome CS concentrators spanning all 4 years
  • Mentorship from a "big", more senior member of the team you will reguarly meet with
  • Learn from occasional guest and senior lectures (i.e. Dr. Fred Brooks on Teaching shown above)
  • Join the 110 alumni network and connect with alumni at leading organizations
  • Paid a modest semester stipend based on hourly commitment level
    (Note: if money is your primary objective there's better, easier money in being a paid tutor!)
  • Feel the reward of helping students find that magical "a ha" moment

Where do UTAs work after TEAM110?

Sarah White '16

Data Scientist at Asana

Dorian Brandon '17

Software Engineer at Amazon

Karen Cheng '17

Software Engineer at ESPN

Meggie Cruser '17

Consultant at Accenture

Jeffrey Young '18

Software Engineer at Lenovo

Krista Bellamy '18

Software Engineer at IBM

Melissa Fu '18

Technology Analyst at JP Morgan

Helen Qin '19

Intern at Google

Kate Goldenring '19

Intern at Microsoft

Brooks Townsend '19

Intern at CapitalOne

Sarah Ganci '19

Intern at GE

Gabi Stein '19

Intern at Quizlet

Jay Randolph '19

Intern at Bank of America

Kyra Mulder '19

Intern at Fidelity

Morgan Vickery '19

Intern at WillowTree

Sydney Cole '19

Intern at Goldman Sachs

Ben Levine '19

Intern at SAS

Brooke Canter '19

Intern at Wells Fargo

Hank Hester '19

Intern at Microsoft

Carly Clark '19

Intern at Fidelity

Kiet Huyhn '19

Intern at Amazon

Izzi Hinks '20

Intern at SAS

Heather Crew '20

Intern at Bank of America

Katherine Buige '20

STEM Teacher at idTeach

Mary Gibaeu '20

Intern at Microsoft

Emily Heckel '20

Intern at MassMutual

Kristina Nickel '20

Intern at Fidelity Investments

Tiara Mathur '20

Intern at Fidelity

Perry Healy '20

STEM Teacher at iD Tech

Kristen Lennon '21

Teaching at Girls Who Code

Alumni of the team have taken jobs and internships with these organizations and more.

Secondary Benefits and Perks

The COMP110 Intramural Futsal Team

We care a lot about maintaining a jovial, creative, ambitious, and inclusive culture. Most UTAs have made close friendships on the team. We're a close knit group and we love the challenge of introducing Computer Science to Carolina. We also schedule activities through the semester for team members to get together outside of Sitterson.

  • Impromptu dinners after meetings
  • Board game nights
  • Roller skating outings
  • Intramural sports teams
  • Pot lucks
  • Bake-offs
  • Hackathon teams
  • Team hikes

Plus, we all get exclusive TEAM110 T-Shirts and free food and dessert on occasion at team meetings.

Team hike at Eno River State Park

Apply to Join Our Team

Applications open on November 18th! We'd love for you to apply. Here is the schedule for next steps:

  1. December 5th - Your application is due by 11:59pm
  2. December - Hiring committee of current UTAs reviews applications
  3. December 31st - 2nd round notifications go out
  4. January 7th - Hire and wait list decision notifications

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your application! Apply via the link below...

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