Comp 110 Bea Manaligod

Bea Manaligod

Why Computer Science?

I'm someone who daydreams of the most random ideas --- and with code, it's possible to take that idea, input something into the computer, and make it happen! It's pretty much some form of sorcery that is making our world better, one clever invention at a time. To be honest with you, at first, I was repulsed by the idea of pursuing a field as challenging as this, but three years of high school computer science and a COMP 110 course later, here I am! And I promise, as someone who rode the front seat of the comp sci struggle bus for a while, I will make sure to help that mental light bulb flash on and watch you reach that "A-HA" moment so maybe you'll love comp sci as much as I do!


Memes, color coded Spotify playlist album art, video editing, atrocious puns, musical theatre

UNC Status

Computer Science B.A Class of 2021


Waxhaw, NC