Comp 110 Kassi Dibert

Kassi Dibert

Why Computer Science?

I decided to be a computer science major because of my experiences in COMP 110. I knew it was for me when I actually focused on my homework for several hours. I think the way programming works to create such intricate things is just awesome. I wanted to be a TA because whenever I went to office hours as a 110 student, it just had a good vibe and I always left knowing more than I did before. I love that this course offers so many resources (like long office hours) and I wanted to be a part of making that happen.


Food (no, seriously), cooking (see previous), eating (obviously), cereal, friends, Twitter, 65 degree weather

UNC Status

2020, Computer Science


Gastonia, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

boolean - I used to play a computer game when I was little that had characters called "Boolies." You could only flip them one way or the other and you used them to accomplish a certain obstacle. Little did I know I was learning the basics of computer science... also I just like the word