Comp 110 Raine Thai

Raine Thai

Why Computer Science?

The idea that I can hack into people's account (jk). I used to have a not very comfortable first-hand experience with coding back when I was learning Pascal programming language in high school. Not until when I took COMP110 as a prerequisite for my major Information Science that I started to realize that I had mistaken myself not liking the teacher with not liking the subject. I love Computer Science because the more you are willing to explore, the more intriguing, magical, and amazing it gets. It just suddenly came to my recognition how much I love problem-solving and how CS has all the resources for what I like. And that's how I ended up declared Computer Science as my second major.


board games, boba, korean movies and music

UNC Status

2022, Computer Science, Information Science


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Favorite Programming Keyword

Stack overflow because it gets me on my nerves