Comp 110 Rhett Dudley

Rhett Dudley

Why Computer Science?

The first programming class I took at UNC, I thought Computer Science was for the ultra- smart people who somehow could understand its language and clicked furiously at their keyboard. As I progressed in my coding classes, I found them extremely interesting because your answers are either right or wrong, there is no ambiguity in coding as in writing an essay or answering a short answer question on a test. I loved delving into problem sets that raked my brain for every aspect of the different functions, classes, objects, methods, etc. I had learned and figuring out how to incorporate them into a coherent program. 


traveling, hiking, family, math!!!, playing soccer, watching football, ice cream, people, working with kids, summer camp 

UNC Status

Class of 2020, Major: Biostatistics (BS), Minors: Mathematics & Computer Science


Raleigh, North Carolina

Favorite Programming Keyword -- I love working through arrays and being able to transform them into data that is specific to what I want to find.