Comp 110 Rui Wu

Rui Wu

Why Computer Science?

I love CS because it's my creative outlet. CS gets a big wrap for being a really nerdy field like math and physics but I think it's something completely different. It gives me a chance to take the things I learn and apply them to solve problems and create programs. There's a really tangible experience that comes with watching the code you write magically appear as a program on your screen; an experience that is hard to come by in any other field. When Kris presented the Choose Your Own Adventure problem set competition, I pulled my first all-nighter writing that code. After I willingly chose to pull an all-nighter for CS, I knew this is what I wanna do in the future. 

As for being a UTA, it just seemed like the right thing for me. I like CS, I like teaching, and I like watching people get that rush when they finally "get it". So I applied for UTA. Why not get paid doing something you love?


weekends, sleep, sweet n spicy chili doritos, video games, animals, light drizzly rain, and many other things

UNC Status

2021, majoring in CS and Statistics


Waxhaw, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

In java, there's a keyword called BigInteger. Its for when normal integer just won't cut it.