Comp 110 Krista Bellamy

Krista Bellamy

Why Computer Science?

Computer science is going to be integrated into every field in the future, if it has not already been done. I love computer science because it is both challenging and very rewarding. I love problem solving, logic, and reason. I also truly love how far-reaching it is, and there is an area of specialty for honestly anyone. This is my fourth semester with computer science and my third semester as an LA/TA for COMP110. I absolutely love meeting new people, and I am so excited for yet another semester with this course. It is such a blessing to be able to help you guys through this new subject matter.


hot tea, coffee, reading, writing, programming, quaint coffee shops, nature, photography, MUSIC!, playing piano, mugs, sports, hiking, meeting new people, hearing people's stories

UNC Status

Class of 2018, Double Major in Computer Science and Peace, War, and Defense