Comp 110 Will Berner

Will Berner

Why Computer Science?

What originally attracted me to Computer Science was the combination of both logic and creativity into endless possibilities to solve a problem. There is always more than one way to do what you are trying to do, and it's up to you to find out the best (or most interesting!) way to do it. There is no wrong way to do something as long as it works how you want it to! After COMP 110's fun but challenging coursework ignited my passion I continued through COMP 401, and now I've declared as a Computer Science major. I hope I can help you take away just as much from the course as I did!


Anything relating to football (soccer), naps, mac 'n' cheese, OOP

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Favorite Programming Keyword

String/Thread. I always heard these in relation to programming but never knew what they meant. It gave me a mental image of interlaced sewing, which is always how I've pictured the interconnectivity of the web/technology.