Comp 110 Registering for Required Course Services


You will submit problem sets, contact your suppor team, and review your grades via My110. Register by clicking My110 and logging in with your UNC ONYEN. You will then be required to setup your student profile and agree to course guidelines.


You will respond to in-class warm-up questions and exercises using PollEverywhere. Please follow the university's official setup instructions on enrolling in PollEverywhere.


You will submit written worksheets and view graded midterms on GradeScope. Please follow these instructions to enroll:

  1. View your My110 page:
  2. In the sidebar, find your "Course E-mail" and make note of it.  
  3. Go to
  4. Click on "Sign up for free" in the top right corner
  5. Select "I am a student"
  6. Use the following values *IMPORTANT*:

    1. Course entry code: 9W78Y9
    2. Name: Your Full Name
    3. Email Address: The e-mail address in My110 on step 2
    4. Student ID: Your 9-digit PID with no hyphens, spaces, etc. **NOT YOUR ONYEN**
  7. Submit!

You will publish the apps you create in COMP110 to the internet using this service. It also handles the auto-grading of coding assignments. To register:

  1. View your My110 page:
  2. Find the sidebar box ""
  3. Click the Register button
  4. Follow the steps on to confirm your e-mail and complete the registration.

Install COMP110's Required Software

Finally! The last (long) step in this process is installing the necessary software we will use this semester to write our programs in. Please follow the instructions on the Software Setup page.