Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Section 2 Review Session

The section 2 review session will be held on Wednesday at 10am in Sitterson 014.

Worksheet 6 Key

Since we have not yet finished grading Worksheet 6, here is the key. A special note for question 4.1: since there is no reference to the object returned by the call f2.f.swap(), that object will eventually be removed from the heap. However, we were not clear in when this actually occurs, so for the purposes of this worksheet, it is acceptable to either leave the object on the heap (as long as there is no reference to it), or to remove it. Therefore, answers of 3 or 4 are both acceptable for 4.1.

Ws6 Key

Worksheet 6 Clarification

An updated version of Worksheet 6 has been posted to clarify behavior for popping off frames for the stack. Although there is a lecture slide that says not to pop off the constructor frame in order to illustrate work, for this worksheet, all constructor, method, and function call frames should be popped off the stack once they have completed. This model is consistent with what actually happens on the call stack. 

For the final exam we will include explicit instructions to leave frames with their return values (rvs) on frames. You can also expect exam questions will not involve this many frames being used in a single problem!

Apply to be a UTA Spring 2019

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Applications are open and due by LDOC at midnight:

Helpful Material for Hack110

Are you coming to hack110 this weekend? Are you a go-getter who wants a sneak peak of what's coming up soon in class? Well we have some videos for you! This playlist has information on objects and HTML/CSS which is going to be what most of your hackathon projects will built off of and what's coming to lecture soon.

Worksheet 5 Key

Since we have not yet finished grading Worksheet 5, you can use the key below to study for the quiz tomorrow (Thursday 11/15).

Ws5 Key

Review Material

Hey there 110ers, this is Mary one of the many awesome TAs who are rooting for you this semester! Me and some of the other TA's have been working on a series of videos for you to use to review for quizzes and brush up on concepts. I've put the playlist here below and I hope you guys find them helpful!

Worksheet 4 Key

Since we have not yet finished grading Worksheet 4, you can use the key below to study for the quiz tomorrow (Tuesday 10/30).

WS4 Key

Environment Diagram Key

Find the key for the environment diagrams worksheet below!

WS - Environments - Key Corrected