Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Seats Posted

Seats for the final exam are posted for both sections. The final exam is held in the same classroom as lecture. Great work studying and thanks again for all the hard work you've put into the course this semester!

3-in-24 Hours Exam Form and COMP110 Undergrad Teaching Assistant Applications

Do you have a pink slip for 3 exams in 24 hours?

Please fill out the following form which contains more information about makeup exam times:


Are you interested in becoming an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for COMP110 in the Spring of 2019? Please apply here by Friday, December 6th!


We're looking forward to seeing you tonight for HACK110 in Sitterson Hall!

Worksheet 5 Key

Here's the WS 5 key! Please make sure to look over it and stop by office hours if you have any questions before the quiz.

Ws5 Key

Review, 11/20, 5pm Peabody

Come to the review session for your last quiz of the semester (woot!) in Peabody 104 at 5pm on Wednesday, Nov. 20th.  We'll cover what you need to know and answer your questions, as always. See you there!

Worksheet 4 Key

Attached is the WS4 Key. Be sure to review it before the quiz tomorrow!

Ws4 Key Env

Review Session 11/6, *6pm* PE104

Come review recursion! We'll go over the topics that you will be quizzed on and answer any questions you may have.  We'll be in Peabody 104 at **6pm** (later than usual this week) on Wednesday, Nov. 6th! See you there!

What to Expect in COMP 401

Come to FB009 on Monday, 11/4 at 6pm for a session about What To Expect When You're Expecting to take 401! TAs who have all taken the class will go over differences between COMP 110 and COMP 401, as well as answer any and all questions you might have! Bring your questions, bring a friend, and find out what the next step in CS at UNC looks like!

TONIGHT! 6pm! Sitterson 014! Panel Discussion on Diverse Experiences in Computer Science

Join a panel of peers who are further into the major and recent computer science alumni tonight in Sitterson 014 for a discussion on their experiences in computer science.

When: 6pm

Where: Sitterson 014

Free Food: Yes!


  • Karen Cheng - Alumni 2017 - Started in COMP110, now a Software Engineer in NYC for Epoch Times (formerly ESPN and COMP110 UTA)
  • Moshe Ikechukwu - Sophomore CS Major - Started in COMP110 now a UTA 
  • Kipp Williams - Junior CS Major - Started in COMP110, Co-president of Campus Y, founded QueerHack
  • Mary Gibeau - Senior CS Major - Started in COMP110, will join Microsoft full-time
  • Alexis Ortiz - Junior CS Major - Started in COMP101, former pre-med / biology major

For more details:

Upcoming Deliverables

Thursday 10/31 - Warm-up Quiz on Lecture 15 Content

Worksheet 4 - Recursion - Due Sun 11/3 - Suggested Plan of Action:

  • Problems 1-3 before class 10/31

Problem Set 5 - Linked List Utils - Due Weds 11/6 - Suggested Plan of Action:

  • last, valueAt functions before class 10/31
  • max, all, equals, scale, arrayToList before class 11/5

WS 3 Key

WS 3 key is attached below!

Ws3 Key Env

Review Session, 10/23 in SN014

This week's review session will take place on Wednesday, October 23rd from 5-6pm in SN014 (Sitterson Hall, room 014). We'll be going over the material that will be covered on your quiz Thursday! See you there. 

Worksheet 3 Updated

This week's worksheet inadvertently had a question about 2D arrays that was question #5 of #6. It has been removed and if you've already printed your worksheet you can ignore this question. The new worksheet has only 5 questions and the 2D array question was removed.

WS2 Key

Grades for WS2 should now be up on Gradescope and you can find the key attached below! Good luck on the quiz tomorrow!

Ws2 Full Key

Quiz 3 Seats and Review Session

New seat assignments are posted for Quiz 3 - please know yours before coming to the quiz tomorrow!

The review session for Quiz 3 is today, 10/7, at 5pm in Peabody 104.

Quiz 02 Review 9/30

5pm, FB009.  We will be going over Quiz 2.  Bring your questions! 

WS1 Key

Grades for WS1 should now be up on Gradescope and you can find the key attached below! Please be sure to work through this as you review for tomorrow's quiz.

110 WS1 Key

Next Review Sessions: Peabody 104

Room change for the next two review sessions! On Monday 9/23 and Monday 10/7, a pre-quiz review session will be held at 5pm at Peabody 104.  This room is much larger than where we had review session 1, so there should be room for everyone to have a seat. 

Quiz 01 Review 9/16

Monday at 5pm in FB009, we will be holding a review session for Quiz 01. If you have questions about any particular quiz problem or just want to see some explanations of solutions, this session is for you!

Videos Posted for Thursday 9/12

Please refer to the calendar page for the videos to watch in preparation for Thursday's class entering a new unit on Arrays! As always, one page of handwritten notes can be used in the warm-up questions.

Worksheet 0 Key


Congrats on submitting your first worksheet and getting through the first few weeks of class! Attached is the key for Worksheet 0 -- use it to guide you as you review your work and prepare for this week's quiz, and as always, feel free to come to office hours if you have questions!

110 WS0 Key

Welcome to COMP110

Welcome back to Carolina! This Fall we'll go from zero-to-programmers with no prior programming experience expected. Comp 110 is open to and taken by all majors, not just those thinking about concentrating in Computer Science. Learning computer programming is a rewarding, challenging, and increasingly valuable skill. If you are a curious soul who enjoys creative problem solving: you're in the right place.

If you have significant prior programming experience, be it teaching yourself, taking AP Computer Science, or some equivalent, you may want to skip to COMP401.

If you are not currently enrolled in the course and are hoping to get in you must show up to class on the first lecture and fill out a form announced in class. We are not able to accept late adds to the course this semester.