Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Mancala Posted

The next Problem Set is implementing the game mechanics of Mancala using 2D arrays, loops, and logic! Getting started early on this problem set is encouraged. You can find it on the Calendar page!

Worksheet 1 Posted

Find it on the calendar page. Deadline is Sunday the 16th at 11:59pm.

Review Session 1, 2/10 Peabody 104

Review Session 1 will be this upcoming Monday, February 10th 5-6pm in Peabody 104 (the building right across from Sitterson). During this session, we will be covering for loops, arrays, iterating over arrays with for loops, and environment diagrams. Come out to review for the next quiz!

PS02 - Array Utils Posted

You can find the next problem set posted on the Calendar Page. This problem set is designed to give you practice working with arrays, functions, and writing tests.

Review Session 0 / WS0 Key

Our first review session will be Monday, January 27th in SN014 from 5-6pm! Topics covered will include data types, variables, expressions, if-else logic, while loops, functions, and environment diagrams. This is a great way to prepare for the first quiz and ask TAs any questions you have. Excited to see you all there!

Also, to help you study since WS0 grades won't be out before the quiz, here is the key for WS0.

The link to the slides can be found here:

Ws0 Key Env

Worksheet 0 Posted and Tutoring Open Tu-Th

The first worksheet is posted to the calendar. You must print it and fill it in with pencil before scanning (scanning instructions here: and uploading to gradescope. When uploading, be careful to scan your pages in the correct order and orientation first. Open the file on your computer *before* submitting. Thanks!

Tutoring (free!) starts tonight in FB007. See Course.Care for the full schedule. Generally: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm. Tutoring is for conceptual help and practice problems, not for problem set help or worksheet questions.

PS1 Posted

PS1 is now posted on the Calendar page. 

Its due date is extended by a day to be Friday, 1/24 at 11:59pm. This problem set makes extensive use of loops, conditionals and variables. Be careful that your output exactly matches the expected output -- minor variations in capitalization and punctuation can throw the autograder off.

Welcome to COMP110

Welcome back to Carolina! This Spring we'll go from zero-to-programmers with no prior programming experience expected. Comp 110 is open to and taken by all majors, not just those thinking about concentrating in Computer Science. Learning computer programming is a rewarding, challenging, and increasingly valuable skill. If you are a curious soul who enjoys creative problem solving: you're in the right place.

If you are not currently enrolled in the course and are hoping to get in you must show up to class on the first lecture and fill out a form announced in class. We are not able to accept late adds to the course this semester.