Comp 110 Intro to Programming

Final Grades

The overall grade distribution for COMP110 this Spring is as follows:

  • A - 46%
  • B - 28%
  • C - 12%
  • D/F - 9%
  • Withdraw / Incomplete - 5%

I'm very pleased with the strong performance everyone put in! Learning how to program is a challenge and you all rose to the occasion.

Final Exam Scores

The final exam's cumulative nature and emphasis on free response questions make it the most difficult assessment of the semester.

The median final exam score was a 76%. You can find your final exam score on the My110 page. 

The final exam score distribution was:

We do not publish the final exam, but if you want to review your final exam then you're welcome to when we return in August.

Overall, great work! Enjoy your summer and thanks for an awesome Spring semester in COMP110!

3 in 24 Hours Pink Slips

Do you have a pink slip for 3 exams in 24 hours?

The makeup times for COMP110 are:

Section 1 - Tuesday, April 30th, at 4pm

Section 2 - Monday, May 6th, at 12pm

If you cannot make the time scheduled you should seek arrangement with your other professors to find an alternate time for their final exam.

The form for submitting your pink slip and confirming your makeup time is:

Apply to be a COMP110 UTA

Applications are now open for Fall 2019:

Applications are due April 28th at 11:59pm.


HACK110 is just around the corner: it's this Friday, April 12th, at 7pm. HACK110 is an optional, overnight hackathon specifically geared for students who are looking for more material than we can cover in class (on games, web dev, and mobile dev) and/or who are continuing on to COMP401 in the Fall.

By participating in HACK110 you can choose a final project of your own design, be it a game or a website or an artistic project, and collaborate with a friend in the course.

For the complete schedule of events and more information, please checkout and respond if you are planning to attend at

Update About Worksheet 4

tldr; regardless of which version of the worksheet you submit, you are able to receive full credit

110ers, the code listings for Questions 4 and 5 were updated Saturday evening to exclude “breakpoints” or pauses. They were removed so that the resulting environment diagrams include return values for the frames on the stack, which sets you up well for answering the subquestions.

Regardless of which version you submit, you will be able to receive full points on each diagram. All of the subquestions are answerable in both versions.

PS05 - Linked List Utils

The next problem set is now posted and due Monday, April 8th. It is on recursive functions and linked lists.

PS04 Emoji Posted

The next Problem Set is now available. It is not due until Monday 3/25 at 11:59pm. There is plenty of time to start and finish after you return from Spring break. However, if you're itching to write some code in the downtime of Spring Break, happy hacking!

The COMP110 team and I hope you enjoy your Spring Break and catch some much deserved rest and relaxation. See you all on the other side!

PS03 Weather Stats Posted and Worksheet Clarification

The next problem set, which involves processing weather data from RDU, is posted on the calendar.

Additionally, we did not cover in lecture how to represent classes in your environment diagram. You need this for the question 4 on the worksheet. For now, use this notation shown here:

Regrade Request Guidelines

Regrade requests shouldn't be used to ask conceptual questions about a particular item or debate the rubric. Questions should be taken to office hours, where the TAs are well-equipped to spend as much time as needed to walk through the question and give a full, detailed explanation.

Regrade requests that do not follow the guidelines below will be immediately closed. The window for requesting a regrade closes 72 hours after grades are released.

When it comes to regrade requests, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Regrade requests should only be submitted if at least one of the following are true:
    1. You have compared your answer with a friend and you two have the exact same answer but different grades on a question
    2. You answer exactly matches the solution given on the rubric. For code writing questions, first type your code exactly as written on the quiz into VSCode and verify there are no syntax errors. Note: This includes partial credit. We are not awarding partial credit on questions unless there is a rubric item for it.
  2. Regrade requests should be submitted on the question you believe was graded incorrectly (i.e. if you believe question 3.3 was graded incorrectly submit the regrade request on that question).
  3. If you believe multiple questions were graded incorrectly, you should submit one regrade request per question and not lump them all into one request.
  4. Your regrade request should be detailed and thoughtful, explaining precisely which of the steps listed in Step 1 you took to verify that your answer was correct or met the requirements specified in the rubric for full/partial credit.

Videos to watch before Lecture on 2/5 Posted

There are 3 videos to watch for a total of ~30 minutes for Tuesday's lecture as we enter a new unit on arrays! Arrays improve our abilities to represent, store, and process data using algorithms.

Welcome to COMP110

Welcome back to Carolina! This Spring we'll go from zero-to-programmers with no prior programming experience expected. Comp 110 is open to and taken by all majors, not just those thinking about concentrating in Computer Science. Learning computer programming is a rewarding, challenging, and increasingly valuable skill. If you are a curious soul who enjoys creative problem solving: you're in the right place.

If you are not currently enrolled in the course and are hoping to get in you must show up to class on the first lecture and fill out a form announced in class. We are not able to accept late adds to the course this semester.