Comp 110 Andrew Zheng

Andrew Zheng

Why Computer Science?

CS is the perfect mix of computation and creativity. I love its ability to help solve problems across a wide variety of fields. My favorite part is the challenge of converting a tedious human task into a simple computer task. Finding this challenge in COMP110 made me realize just how much I enjoy programming and ultimately made me decide to major in CS. My goal as a UTA is to help make the class as enjoyable for other students as it was for me.


Table tennis, badminton, swimming, math, programming, walks/jogs on a sunny day

UNC Status

Class of 2023, Biostatistics, Computer Science


Chapel Hill, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

My favorite programming keyword is the "import" keyword found in so many languages. I like it because it allows me to make use of code written elsewhere, making my program look more clean and efficient.