Comp 110 Elisa Kadackal

Elisa Kadackal

Why Computer Science?

I grew up in Redmond, Washington (home to Microsoft and a bunch of software engineers), and yet I never knew what a line of code looked like  until I took Kris Jordan's Comp 101 class. I always thought that I was "bad at math", so I stayed away from subjects I thought were more "quantitative". But Kris Jordan and the UTA's passion for coding, as well as their constant encouragement, motivated me to enjoy CS.

CS is for everyone, no matter your academic or personal background. As a humanities major, I fell in love with it because I could approach coding from a creative perspective, and not just a quantitative one. Coding became a cool game of logic and strategy, and ever since my first CS class, I've been unable to stop playing it. 


writing, Bollywood movies, Pilates, Dim sum, dancing, painting, reading, bad puns, tea. and also cats.

UNC Status

2021, Global Studies Major, Computer Science minor, Information Systems Minor


Redmond, WA

Favorite Programming Keyword

"for" in Typescript. for-loops are addictive, I can't stop writing them. They just provide a certain structure of repetition that is so straightforward and can be easily modified.