Comp 110 Helen Charbonnet

Helen Charbonnet

Why Computer Science?

After taking a coding class in high school, I became really interested in majoring in CompSci, but I really didn't have much experience. Then I took COMP110, and I fell in LOVE with with CompSci. I think of each problem like a puzzle with a bunch of different pieces. When you put everything you have learned together, and once everything falls into place, you can create something really beautiful. I really wanted to be a UTA because I admired the energy and enthusiasm of the the 110 Team and because I wanted to help the next people taking 110 as much as the UTAs helped and inspired me!


sailing, swimming, dogs, photography, almost every genre of music, guitar, ukulele :)

UNC Status

Class of 2022, Computer Science Major, Math Minor


New Orleans, Louisiana