Comp 110 Izzi Hinks

Izzi Hinks

Why Computer Science?

I love the fact that absolutely anyone can use efficient and inventive code to solve a wide array of problems. When I took COMP110 my freshman year, Kris's enthusiasm and passion for CS solidified my decision to major in computer science. As a UTA, I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for CS and (hopefully) passing the appreciation for coding on to you. 


Yoga, tea, running, hiking, music

UNC Status

2020, Computer Science & Environmental Science

Favorite Programming Keyword

My favorite programming keyword is "for" in Java. I appreciate the aesthetics of it and its efficiency (and the fact that it's probably less likely to leave you in an infinite loop than a while loop). Without it (and other loops), writing code would be tedious, arduous, and overall, just a really sad time.