Comp 110 Izzie Estes

Izzie Estes

Why Computer Science?

I love the way CS unlocks all these crazy abilities you never even knew you had, and that it allows you to make (almost) any idea a reality with a little time and patience. Taking COMP110 as a required class for a completely different major made me realize that coding is pretty cool (and something I really love to do), which is part of the reason I wanted to be a UTA. Whether COMP110 is the beginning of someone's journey in CS or is something they're taking just for fun (or because they have to), being a part of that experience is really exciting!


coffee, plants, baking, music, video games, and programming

UNC Status

2023, Computer Science and Communications


Kill Devil Hills, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

it's not really a keyword, but the not operator (aka !) because it makes everything look super enthusiastic