Comp 110 Sydney Schamay

Sydney Schamay

Why Computer Science?

I love the feeling of getting lost in a program the same way someone might get lost in a book or a puzzle or a math problem. Programming never fails to leave me feeling stretched and challenged in new and exciting ways. As the field and its possibilities so rapidly evolve, I am continually fascinated by the way mere lines of code can connect people and expand their capabilities in every single field. In my time as a UTA, I hope to leave my peers with an impression of Computer Science that adequately captures both the way it can shape them, and the way it can shape the future of those they interact with, whatever career they may choose.


the beach, freshly baked cookies, plants, soy nuggets, the office, carolina basketball, puppies, and lists. 

UNC Status

2021 Computer Science BS, Communications BA


Clemmons, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

for in java. Still waiting for the day I can use a while loop without crashing my program at least once. Until then, for it is.