Comp 110 Tabatha Seawell

Tabatha Seawell

Why Computer Science?

Nothing is more satisfying to me than writing code -- and it actually working. When I first came to UNC, I had no prior programming experience and got my first taste of it when I took COMP 110 with Kris in the fall of 2015. Computer science is such an exciting field of study with endless possibilities, which is exactly what I need for my ever-changing interests.


Hiking, rock climbing, air plants, axolotls, Japan, gaming, sketching, crocheting, coffee, hot tea, dogs <3, and (ofc) programming.

UNC Status

2019 Computer Science


Ramseur, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

`is` in Python. I love being able to write exactly what I'm thinking in code! Example: `if myLoveForComp is True: majorInCS()`