Comp 110 IntroCS Graphics Library

What is the IntroCS Graphics Library? 

A library includes as part of the introcs folder (that must be imported in order to be used) that allows us to create graphics including shapes, lines, colors, svg elements, and so on!

A complete reference of the library can be found here!

The reference allows us to see the properties of each of these graphic types, as well as their included constructor(s) and methods! For example, if we wanted to create a circle according to the constructor given in this reference page:

let myCircle: Circle = new Circle (10, 50, 100);
// myCircle has a radius of 10, an center x value of 50, and a center y value of 100

For examples on how to integrate graphics from this library into your web pages, please refer to lectures 12 and 13, in addition to the page on utilizing 'The DOM' (HTML/CSS/TS integration)