Comp 110 VSCode Tips and Tricks

VSCode Tips and Tricks

Is git: clone missing?

  • type git into terminal and follow the directions

Command Bar

  • CTRl + Shift + P

Errors when pulling code?

  • Make sure you have opened the comp repository (File, Open, Comp110-18F) before pulling!

Using a mac and missing git commands?

  • When downloading and installing git, you may be prompted to install "XCode" for everything to work properly!

Is your repository URL not working?

  • Make sure you're not accidentally copying a space

Formatting errors?

  • Right click anywhere in the text editor and select "Format Document"

I updated my code but it seems like the old version is still running?

  • You probably didn't save your files. This helpful white dot will appear at the top of every file that is unsaved.

Confused about how to organize your project?

  • Whenever you start a new problem set or personal project, you should first create a new folder that will house all of the necessary files for this program. To create this, right click on the src folder and select "new folder
  • Now you can right click on the new folder you created and select "new file" so all of the files you will need are in one place.

Black screen of death?

  • Check the file and line that the error message is directing you too!

For example, if this was the error message you saw you should open the ps02-hogwarts-express folder and then open the index-app.ts file. Then check around line 188 for any errors, or see if you notice any red underlines. You can hover over any red underlines to get some information about what may be causing this error. If you don't see any red, just try re-saving the file! (CMD + S)